Mitch Hedberg Honored With This Awesome Doughnut Shop’s Doughnut Receipt — PHOTO

I might think I'm keeping Mitch Hedberg's spirit alive whenever I happen to quote a line about escalators becoming stairs or Fritos with grill marks, but that is nothing compared to how one doughnut shop employee chose to honor the comedian. Do you already know where this is going? A doughnut shop employee added Mitch Hedberg's doughnut receipt joke to the bottom of their doughnut receipts. Yeah, that's a hell of a lot better than reciting that joke about helping your friend "stay put."

The worker, Jon Becker, got control of the shop's receipt machine and adding the Hedberg joke was his first order of business. He wrote on Reddit where he posted a copy of the receipt, "I was given the ability to control what gets printed on the receipts at the doughnut shop where I work. This is the first thing I did."

Becker is an aspiring comedian himself who studies at Second City in Chicago. In an inteview with Yahoo! News, Becker said that not many customers noticed the joke on the receipt, but the ones who did enjoyed it. "Most customers probably thought, 'Jeez, this receipt is long.' Very few people read all the stuff that gets printed on receipts. The few that did actually read it thought it was pretty funny, though." If I'd gotten the receipt, it would be framed and hanging on my wall right now.

Here is Becker's photo of the glorious receipt and a first look at the joke for you unfortunate souls who are unfamiliar with Mitch Hedberg:

Becker said of his Hedberg tribute, "I mostly just put the quote there because it's delicious chocolate glazed irony to have that on a receipt at a doughnut shop."

Unfortunately, the joke is not longer being printed on the shop's receipts. Becker's manager was okay with it, but the big boss had him change it to a Matt Groening quote which reads, "Donuts, is there anything they can't do?" Of the change, Becker said, "It's not the same." I agree.

Images: Logan Rhoades/Twitter; Reddit