'The Vampire Diaries': Hidden Truths are Uncovered in "What Lies Beneath"

We knew it was only a matter of time before the truth behind Stefan and Elena's lie about what happened to Enzo came to light. Of course, we couldn't have known it would happen quite so quickly, in this week's "What Lies Beneath." The travelers are still after Damon and Elena, and they've figured out how to use their traveler blood to "cure" vampirism. The catch is that it takes the ex-vamp back to the state they were in right before they turned (i.e. on the brink of death). That means it's time to go into hiding mode with a hostage witch to do a cloaking spell and some good old-fashioned camp games at Caroline's dad's cabin in the woods (seriously, we're talking charades and a rousing round of Never Have I Ever).

Everyone has been hiding something lately, some by choice and some unwillingly. This week, a whole host of lies, tricks and general untruths came to light.

Bonnie realizes just how bad things are on the Other Side.

Being dead hasn't stopped Grams from butting into Bonnie's life left and right for years, but she's really upped her input since Bonnie became the Anchor to the Other Side. It just so happens, the Other Side is falling apart and everyone who has ever died a supernatural death is pretty worried about it. (They're being sucked out into the void, never to be seen again.) Bonnie has been trying to downplay the seriousness to Jeremy (who is still not being the touchy-feely BF she wants him to be), and Grams isn't having it. She pops in to scold Bonnie like a child and, in her anger, ends up knocking a lamp over in Bonnie's dorm.

Of course, the dead aren't supposed to be able to do that.

Bonnie takes note and realizes just how shaky the Other Side must be if the dead are able to interact with the world of the living. Taking note doesn't really mean much though, as Bonnie is still in denial about her fate if the Other Side crumbles (if it goes, she goes).

But denying it doesn't mean it's not happening, as Elena, Caroline and the brothers Salvatore learn all too well...

Stefan and Elena's Enzo lie is uncovered right away.

It didn't take long for Damon (and Caroline) to learn the truth about what happened to Enzo. Stefan and Elena tried to cover up his death by claiming that he skipped town, but Damon did his research ("research" being a quick scan of the obits, which revealed a lack of the extra death and destruction an emotionless Enzo would have left in his wake on the way out of town) and isn't buying it.

With the Travelers hot on their trail, Stefan and Elena are whisked out to Caroline's dad's cabin to hide. Damon and Caroline play chaperone and each of them notice that something is up. Damon has a hunch that it has to do with Enzo, but Caroline is convinced that Stefan and Elena are hooking up on the sly. She's more bothered by this than she should, which serves as an eye-roll-worthy hint that she's going to realize some deep, romantic feelings for Stefan and ruin the beauty of their platonic, Stefan/Lexi 2.0 relationship.

Even if Damon didn't have better powers of deduction than Caroline, Enzo's return (ish) would have been obvious soon enough. He, too, discovered the ability to interact with the physical world and he takes full advantage of it to terrorize the whole gang and disable their magical cloaking device and lead the Travelers to them to finish his dirty work.

Tyler the Traveler

Tyler's body has been borrowed by the Travelers (specifically by Jullian). He escapes the Travelers and returns to his BFFs to reveal the truth, but that doesn't exactly solve his problems. What lies beneath Tyler might be Jullian, but the Travelers have a plan to bring J back to the surface. They find and destroy his real body, making his residence in Tyler Town a permanent one. At least now Tyler and Elena will have something to talk about (being the unwilling, semi-permanent host for a Traveler).

Image: The CW