Jason Sudeikis Is Definitely Not Returning to 'Saturday Night Live'

In May 2012, we all believed rumors that Jason Sudeikis was leaving Saturday Night Liveeven if an elaborate Kristen Wiig send-off awkwardly didn't acknowledge the comedian. But, heading into Season 38 of the long-running sketch comedy series, we heard the news that Sudeikis was planning on staying on the series until winter 2013, after the presidential race — and his impression of Mitt Romney — came to the close.

But the temperature began rising, and we were left wondering in February, March, April, and then May what would happen to Sudeikis. In the season finale, a final sketch very clearly calling out exiting cast members Fred Armisen and Bill Hader included Sudeikis, but only in the background. And, while speaking to press after the 38th season came to a close, it was clear his future was unclear, even for him. (As the comedian told The View about a Season 39 return: "I sincerely don't know at this point.")

But it seems we finally have our answer — as Sudeikis told David Letterman, he is, in fact, leaving Saturday Night Live after eight seasons with the show. As he said on Late Night, "Well, a person can go as long as they want. I mean, Lorne [Michaels]' been kicking butt at it for 33 out of the 38 years. But me, yeah, no, I’m definitely done. I’m not coming back in the fall."

Sudeikis certainly doesn't need the work — coming up, he's got this summer's We're the Millers and 2014's Horrible Bosses 2. And, if we're lucky, a biopic about this guy: