How To Get Cara's Signature Eyebrows

I really want Cara Delevingne's eyebrows to be my eyebrows. I'm sure you feel the same way. Well, we are seriously in luck.

Introducing: lace-front eyebrows, which are kind of like lace-front wigs... for your face. They're designed to give you a fuller brow line and, since big brows are in these days, they're are taking off in a big way.

The lace-front eyebrow consists of pieces of hair (real or fake) sewn into thick strips of lace. You apply a layer of special adhesive to the back and then place them over your natural brows for a fuller effect. If the removal process sounds painful, well, it probably is, at least a little, but, as Refinery29 points out, lace-front brows, bizarre as they may seem, are like the second cousin of your trusty false eyelashes. Plus, they look a heck of a lot more natural than those weird eyebrow pencils everyone's grandma insists on applying with a heavy hand.

Chances are, you've experimented with some form of fake hair before, so why not on your eyebrows? Aside from achieving the coveted Cara look, lace-front brows have a much grander purpose — they can be great for people who've lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatments.

How do you get lace-front brows? HuffPo recommends DIY-ing a pair (there are a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to make them) or buying them. Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair, a salon in Houston, Texas, sells lace-front brows in addition to lashes, wigs, and weaves. But if you don't want to hop on a flight to Texas, check out the tutorial video below and decide for yourself whether lace-front brows are worth a try.