These Color-Changing Shirts Are Actually Cool

When you think of style innovation, you probably don't think of Gap. The American classic is better known for blue jeans and those sweatshirts that everyone owned in seventh grade than for high fashion. However, their latest collaboration may change that.

Gap has partnered up with New York-based art publication Visionaire for a line of t-shirts that are about as far away from a plain white tee as you can get. The collection, which celebrates the 2014 Frieze Art Fair, features designs by Alex Katz, Yoko Ono, Richard Phillips, Ugo Rondinone, Peter Lindbergh, Francois Berthoud, and Roe Ethridge. If you hear the word "t-shirt" and think "boring," well, you've never seen these t-shirts. Not only are the designs way cool, they're high-tech too.

According to Complex:

With the addition of SOLAR ink, the tees will have a special color changing features that will blow your mind. When hit with direct sunlight the UV-sensitive ink will reveal colorful artwork to the otherwise black and white graphics.

Basically, color-changing clothing isn't just for weird souvenirs your grandparents bring from Florida anymore. Especially not when a bunch of famous artists are involved in the design process. Unfortunately, as epic as these t-shirts are, they're not widely available. Look for the Gap White Space retail stand at the Frieze Art Fair (dates are May 9th - 18th), or find them at Gap flagship stores and Visionaire retailers. These will go fast, we promise. Head over to to see some of the options.