Twitter Tests Mute Button, And Here Are 7 Kinds Of People You'll Immediately Want To Use It On

Twitter is reportedly testing out a new feature on its mobile app — and it'll let you mute all the annoying people on Twitter you can't unfollow without upsetting. Some users have begun to see a "mute" option show up on the company's official Twitter and Android apps, though it's not showing up for everyone, and the company hasn't made any statements about adding the feature. Muting has long been an option on popular third-party applications for Twitter, including TweetDeck, which the company now owns.

Muting could be helpful in a number of situations — like when you feel obligated to follow someone you hate, or when a normally decent Twitter user goes to a conference and feels a pressing need to live-Tweet everything they hear there (I admit that I have done this). Maybe you are a big Game of Thrones fan, but don't want to hear any live-Tweeted spoilers because you haven't caught last week's show yet (wait, you haven't caught last week's show yet?!).

We're here to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, Twitterers, if you know what I mean. Here's everybody you should mute on Twitter once that button shows up on your smartphone.

1. People Who Are Live-Tweeting Conferences and Expos About Bitcoin

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

2. People Who Are Tweeting About the End of Twitter

You didn't come to Twitter for meta-commentary about how Twitter is losing its user engagement from users engaging with Twitter, did you? Neither did we. #Muted.

3. Your Favorite Brand

Stop following Cookie Dough Bites on Twitter. That's not leading you to a good place.

4. People Who Post Spoilers

This is not a very effective way to keep me from seeing your next Tweet, Chris. And I was really looking forward to that Tivo'd episode of Idol.

5. Prominent Politicians

Either they're very, very boring on Twitter, or they're so snipey that it's kind of gumming up your feed. On the other hand, less-prominent politicians — you know, the ones who still run their own Twitter accounts — can be endlessly entertaining. Like Anthony Weiner! (Don't follow Anthony Weiner.)

6. American Pundits

America's most prominent pundits aren't very interesting on Twitter (and many of them aren't very interesting on TV, either).

7. Your Co-worker Who Spends Most of Their Time Tweeting About Beekeeping

Unless they post this picture.