15 Tips for Beating Frizz

by Julia Teen

No matter your hair type, frizz gets to all of us sometimes (and really ruins an otherwise good day, right?). Fortunately, even on a day of 100 degree humidity hell, there are steps you can take to keep your coiffure in check. Here are 15 of them:

Always Dry Before You Jet

The golden rule to avoiding frizz is to never leave the house with wet hair. “Otherwise the humidity is going to get you — no questions,” Patrick Melville Salon stylist Adam Maclay says.

Go Big Or Go Home

Embrace your texture, says Jessica Jekkel of the Beverly Hills salon Assembly. “Try coating your hair before going out with Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Texturizing Spray, or if you prefer a tamer look, try Motion Lotion, which still enhances a curled look, mixed together with Easy Rider, for smoothing out your strands,” she says.

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Twist It

Here's a fun way to hide frazzled lengths: plait your hair into a side braid and throw on a headband, says hairstylist Kylee Heath, whose clients include Jennifer Garner and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. “It’s the perfect way to keep you hair out of the way but wear a fun style for a day outside,” she says.

Skip the Razor Cut

If your hair is prone to becoming frizz city, a razor cut is not your best option. “The more hair gets razored, the more you will find that your ends will look furry and whispy,” says Anthony Nader, stylist to names like Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen. “In the more humid times, that means less of a glossy, healthy, controlled appearance.”

Work With Your Texture

Heath suggests adding a smoothing serum mixed with a cream mousse to wet hair and simply combing it through, then scrunching. “It rocks a more wild texture — why not!”

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Wrap It Up

“This is a crowd pleaser: the half-up bun,” says Heath. Regardless of your hair type, she says, amp your natural texture up with a curling iron (any size) and then take the top section of your hair (from ear to ear) and twist into a topknot, and affix with pins. Having the front section taken away from your face makes the frizz less noticeable.

Be Prepared At All Times

If you are prone to big hair, always carry a stylish scarf, says Tina Dizon, owner and head stylist of The Private Room salon in Beverly Hills. “It’ll work as an instant hair fix: use it as a headband to calm unwanted volume, finish your ponytail or bun with it, or integrate into a braid style for instant color.”

Don’t Fight Anything

It’s important not to work too hard against your hair's natural characteristics when fighting frizz, says Heath. “Flat hair falls flatter in humidity and curls are enhanced. If time is tight, just choose an easy look that flatters your natural texture.”

Mix Up The Order Of Operations

Dryness leads to frizz, so if your strands are lacking hydration, try this trick: “Spritz a light-weight shine spray on your damp hair before blow drying,” says Nader. “The ingredients can absorb into the hair cuticle better than when hair is dry and will give a heightened sheen that doesn’t weigh it down.”

Try High ‘ n ‘ sleek

Pull your hair up into a high ponytail, keeping the lengths sleek and tamed. “To ramp it up a notch, wrap the ponytail around the base to create a topknot or braid the ponytail before you wrap it to create a cool look,” says Heath.

Go Blunt, Not Layered

“If you have long hair, rather than have short layers throughout that turn to frizz when hair is dry or the weather is humid, keep hair at more of a standard length,” says Nader.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

Stylist Sunnie Brook Jones, who has worked on music videos for Lana Del Ray and Robin Thicke, suggests that if you are prone to frizz, only use hot tools (your blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron) that are ionic. “This technology compresses the hair cuticle so it creates a smoother, glass-like surface to your hair.”

Straight Hair Savior

“If you are on the thin, straight end of the hair spectrum, and it fuzzes up in humidity, hairspray is your answer,” says Frederic Fekkai Soho salon stylist Jordi Martinez. “Spray underneath each section of hair before you straighten to maintain a sleek look and firm hold.”

Curly Hair Rescue

For thicker, curlier hair types, though, Martinez says that in humid weather, you need to be using a product with more hold than what you are used to. “Use a glossing crème to smooth curls by applying the product to your hands and then twisting each curl around your fingertips,” she says. This’ll pull all the hair into one direction — including the baby hairs and flyaways that are responsible for frizzing — and give better definition.

Try A New Color Technique

Damaged, over-processed hair leads to frizzing up, so this summer try and lay off the bleach. “Ask your colorist for a high lift tint instead,” says Nader. “The same colors are available, but it doesn’t damage the hair cuticle as much as a bleach job will.” It’s techniques like this, he says, that help your hair stay looking like a million dollars.