A 'Breaking Bad' Fan Pranked This Canadian Advice Column In the Best. Way. Possible.

Pranks are always the best, especially when the person you’re pranking legitimately has no idea what is going on. That is what happened recently when someone pranked a Canadian advice column as Skyler White from Breaking Bad.

It was hilarious… but also sad at the same time because advice columnist, Miss Lonelyhearts, actually responded with real advice. She seemed unaware that this fictional relationship problem between a mother and her husband who “was recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer,” and “started smoking marijuana,” actually came from the storyline of a famous TV show (which is kind of weird, because like, have she even turned on a TV since 2008?)

The anonymous person seeking advice, labeled as “Stressed and Confused,” also notes how she believes her husband has a second phone and how her husband has an “overdrawn chequing account.” Although there’s a slight — actually miniscule — possibility that someone’s life mimics the story of Breaking Bad, it seems quite obvious what the intentions were here. And we must give a round of applause to the person who crafted this clever prank.

Yet being totally clueless, Miss Lonelyhearts offered her advice on how “Stressed and Confused” could get out of her unhealthy relationship and raise her son and soon-to-be newborn as a single mother. She got so real that she even name dropped Villa Maria, a home for unwed/single mothers which supports pregnant women, and the food bank Winnipeg Harvest. Awkward. Interesting to think that “immediately leave your husband” was the answer here. Maybe Miss Lonelyhearts’ advice will inspire someone to create another Breaking Bad spinoff (in addition to the upcoming Better Call Saul), or at least some fanfiction? If only.