Ben Affleck Was Banned From A Blackjack Table For...Counting Cards?!

Well, I guess we all just lost our shot at losing at black jack in Vegas to this actor. Ben Affleck was banned for life from the blackjack table at the Hard Rock Casino. Apparently, a guard approached Affleck because he was "too good" at the game, which made everybody really suspicious and probably a little annoyed because people love to have reasons to get annoyed at celebrities, especially when they're good at something that involves big money.

He and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were chilling in Sin City, and Affleck's epic blackjack skills led people to believe that he was counting cards — which, although not illegal, is not looked highly upon. (I, for one, am impressed if this is the case.) This wasn't the first time something like this happened to Affleck, too; in 2011, at the same Hard Rock Hotel, he won $800,000 in just three hands. Damn.

Still, the hotel was pleasant to the couple, and fear not — before you jump and scream "BANNED FOR LIFE!!!" in your most dramatic voice, realize that Affleck has only been banned from that game, not the entire casino. There aren't security guards patrolling the casino shouting, "NO BEN AFFLECK" with photocopied pictures of Affleck on picket signs.

He's allowed to play at that casino, so long as it's not blackjack. So now, Affleck is probably brushing up on shooting craps. Or the slot machines. No one can accuse you of cheating with slot machines, right?