These Are the Most Awkward Photos Ever

You cannot touch her. I repeat, YOU CANOT TOUCH THE POP STAR. But you can spend a pretty penny to take a photo with her! Fans spent $400 to take photos with Avril Lavigne at a meet and greet in Brazil, and apparently this meet and great either didn't have hand sanitizer for Ms. Lavigne to wash her hands of any germs, or she wanted to avoid any mishaps (you know, like an ass grab or something) because she didn't seem to let her fans come within, like, five feet of her. Whatever the reason, it yielded some pretty awkward results because it looks like Avril Lavigne not only does not want to be touched, but does not want to even be close to her fans, as you can see by how far apart they stand from each other in the photos below. Also, look at her facial expression! She looks so uncomfortable it's ridiculous.

And may I reiterate? Four. Hundred. Dollars. To stand near-ish Avril Lavigne and ask her half of a question, most likely. And that doesn't even include the price of the concert tickets. Either these Brazilian fans really, really love Avril Lavigne or these folks have fat wallets.

The He-LOL Kitty singer proceeded to take pics with these die-hard fans, and things were not "complicated" (sorry, couldn't help myself) they were just...awkward. You can almost see in every fan's eyes, "wow. She does not want to near me right now." Take a look for yourself. These photos rival Awkward Family Photos...almost.

She almost looks superimposed, don't you think? Photo Shop is cheaper than this, guys.

I've gotten closer to people on the subway than this guy is to Avril Lavigne, and that's like a nearly free experience, save for my metro card.

Ahem, must we put a ruler between us? Leave room for Jesus, please.

Avril, please notice me! I am a sk8er boi, don't say see you l8er boi, am I not good enough for you...that I cannot come an inch closer to you?!

No. No, you cannot.

And that, my friends, is probably why wax museums were born.

Images: Tumblr