11 Make-Ahead Breakfasts Because You Can Do Better Than Toaster Strudel

Breakfast wishes you’d give it a chance. You already love weekend brunch, its boozy older sister. You even had a fling with beautiful desk lunches. But when it comes to morning meals, we’re still grabbing frozen waffles on our way out the door.

That’s just sad.

So today, we declare a revolution. We’re taking back breakfast the best way we know how — by making it the night before. These are the breakfasts of champions, the ones that will fuel you up and get you through the day ahead. They take just a few minutes, but you’ll be glad when you see an adorable mini quiche or a fluffy strata waiting for you tomorrow. Let’s get to work — you’ll thank us in the morning.

Image: Tucker


The ultimate make-ahead breakfast, granola is super easy to whip up at home and keeps for weeks in the fridge. How Sweet Eats has a quinoa with dark chocolate and brown butter batch to beat those morning blues.

Image: How Sweet Eats

Yogurt Parfait

Once you’ve mastered granola, layer it up with yogurt and fresh fruit à la Verses from My Kitchen

Image: Verses from My Kitchen

Granola Bars

…or add a little extra peanut butter and turn those granolas into bars. Half Baked Harvest has a recipe to put your favorite Chewy bars to shame.

Image: Half Baked Harvest


It’s Monday. There’s a long week ahead. So what do you eat? An adorable, bite-sized mini quiche, of course! Freeze them and thaw them out in the oven the morning of. Around My Family Table fills hers with spinach and neufchatel cheese.

Image: Around My Family Table


Okay, okay. You can you have your frozen waffles — as long as you make them yourself. Whip up these classic, buttermilk confections from Averie Cooks and then store them in a freezer bag with layers of parchment paper in between to keep from sticking.

Image: Averie Cooks

French Toast Sticks

Same goes for these French toast sticks, courtesy of Just a Taste. Toast them up the next morning and have maple syrup on hand — you’re welcome.

Image: Just a Taste


Chicken congee may not be your usual weekday breakfast — but this savory rice pudding is hearty, healthy, and good for your soul. Make a huge pot and heat it up by the bowlful. I Am a Food Blog has the recipe.

Image: I Am a Food Blog


This one requires a little baking the day of — but it’ll be well worth the fluffy, eggy goodness. Naturally Ella whips up her strata batter, filled with spinach and mozzarella, the night before.

Image: Naturally Ella

Hand Pies

The hand pie is, essentially, a pop tart all grown up. Cookie Monster Cooking fills hers with sausage, pepper, and feta.

Image: Cookie Monster Cooking

Banana Bread

Quick breads are generally a great make-ahead option, but banana bread stays especially moist, even after it’s sliced. A Cozy Kitchen infuses hers with orange blossom and honey.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats (aka bircher muesli) require exactly zero cooking. Step 1: add milk and toppings to oats. Step 2: Let it all sit in the fridge — and in the morning, you'll have a glorious bowl of oatmeal. Our friends at Tucker break it down.

Image: Tucker