Britney Spears Broke Her Dancer's Nose, & The Gal Isn't Too Happy with Spears' Apology

When Britney Spears sings "Work Bitch", she really means it. Dancer Dawn Noel claims that Spears backhanded her in the face during a rehearsal, breaking her nose, and saying only "I'm sorry"…without even stopping the rehearsal. Dawn Noel says she was hired as a dancer for Spears' "Work Bitch" video, and arrived at a rehearsal studio in Woodland Hills, CA to practice for the shoot. According to Dawn, Spears showed up hours later, looking "disheveled and confused" and was struggling with even the relatively easy choreography. At one point, Dawn says Spears lost her balance, flailed her arm out and hit Dawn in the face, breaking her nose. Dawn tried to continue, but was in so much pain she left to see a doctor and learned she needed surgery. Dawn plans to file a lawsuit against Spears on Monday, after Spears' representatives promised to pay her medical bills…and, according to Dawn, never did. Apparently, if you want to be in a Britney Spears video, "you better work bitch". Even with a broken nose.

Even though Spears has recently arrived in what some might describe as pop-star purgatory, for the most part, things had been looking up for her. She landed a steady Vegas gig! She's been looking great! Her former legal kerfuffles seemed to be behind her! Spears seemed to have left behind her head-shaving days (sorry, had to) and matured into what we could call a seasoned showbiz professional. It's great to see her finally settling into semi-normalcy, but she may have taken the phrase "the show must go on" a bit literally.

Hopefully Dawn Noel can get the compensation to cover her medical expenses, because hearing your own nose crack in your head and then having to pay for it is probably THE WORST. We're sorry too, Dawn Noel, and we would have TOTALLY stopped rehearsal for you. Now, let's take a moment of silence for Dawn Noel and the injuries she sustained during the making of this video.

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Stay strong Dawn!

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