7 Of Audrey Hepburn's Most Enchanting Moments To Celebrate Why She's An Icon

May 4 is a day full of celebration: It's the eve of Cinco de Mayo, and it's Star Wars day. It's also Audrey Hepburn's birthday, further proving that every separate thing worth celebrating on May 4 is almost wholly dissonant from all the day's other celebrations. That doesn't mean we should just let them slide by without paying homage, though. Audrey Hepburn is, after all, one of the most enduring icons of cinema.

Had Hepburn lived she would have been turning 85 years old today. And what an 85 years it's been in the actress and philanthropist's legacy — it's not just anybody who gets digitally resurrected as a result of her iconicity.

No, Hepburn's grace defined generations of characters and public figures — especially the ingenues — but hers is not a charm one can easily replicate. So on a day like today, when we celebrate her life and everything she left behind for us, where better to start than by taking a stroll back through some of the scenes that have made her so enduringly beloved? In other words: What better way to remember one of the most legendary movie stars of all time than with her movies? We certainly won't hit them all, but these are some of Hepburn's most enchanting onscreen moments.

That Horse Race Scene, My Fair Lady

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Rarely has an uncouth story been so hilarious.

"La Vie En Rose" and a what-if from Sabrina

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An Indoor Shower from Charade

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This could also go on the list of "Cary Grant's Most Enchanting Moments."

The Mouth of Truth Scene, Roman Holiday

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"How to Be Lovely," from Funny Face

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The Tennis Court Scene, Sabrina

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"Moon River," from Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Image: Paramount