Shaun White Takes Fan to Prom, Why is this Celebrity Trend All the Rage?

If you’re a huge Shaun White fan you should probably sit down right now or grab your stress ball because of all the jealousy you’re about to experience. On Friday, May 2, Shaun White surprised a high school student at prom in Lafayette Hill, Pa, months after she had made a video, “GoProM?” asking the Olympic snowboarder to her school’s dance. Yeah. I know. All the rage right now.

After posting the video, the lucky student, Carly Monzo, and her friends tweeted it to him time and time again, but never received a response. It wasn’t until Monzo was already glammed up and at the dance with everyone that she discovered her dream — and my dream — came true.

“The administration had to keep it secret because nobody could know,” Monzo told The Huffington Post. “Our dean of students called my name and the first thing that ran through my mind was, ‘What did I do?’ Honestly how could I have done something so bad that they had to address the entire prom? I walked up to the front and they dropped the curtains and his band started jamming.”

Monzo had the opportunity to stand on stage and rock out with White and his band, Bad Things, which played a few songs before allowing Monzo and White to enjoy the rest of the dance together. White, Monzo and her friends spent the entire night together dancing and snapping selfies, (because pics or it didn’t happen) and Monzo even received a peck on the cheek after everyone yelled, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” to the pair. Ugh, the jealousy is REAL right now.

“It was so amazing, I can’t even describe it to you,” Monzo said. Yeah, tell me about it girl. The Instagram photos and videos prove that not only was White actually in attendance, but that the night was a great success, as it probably would be with a world-renowned celebrity there.

Although a celebrity like White saying yes to a high school student’s promposal is a rare phenomenon, it does happen much to the delight of the teens that ask them. Earlier this year, student Matt Peterson created his own video asking Miley Cyrus to prom, with suit, foam finger, roses and all. Although the singer-actress had to turn down Peterson due to a scheduling conflict and for generally being famous, she did invite her fan to her Arizona concert. Peterson was lucky enough to meet Cyrus in person, wearing a tux with images of her tongue all over it. He too has the Twitter proof.

Similarly, other celebrities have not only received prom invites from their fans but have just crashed random dances just for the hell of it. Because only famous people can get away with this without being kicked out or arrested. Not that I’ve tried.

While in Australia in 2010, Katy Perry took it upon herself to join some high school students at their formal in a hotel she was staying in, after hearing the DJ play California Gurls. Likewise, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato crashed a high school prom in 2009 during their premiere for their Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program.

Over in Los Angeles, Calif., Jason Derulo surprised a high school by showing up for their prom to perform a few of his songs and announce their prom king and queen.

Last May, also in LA, high school student Jake Davidson also made a YouTube video to ask Kate Upton to prom. Unsurprisingly, she told Davidson she was unable to go, but was replaced by supermodel Nina Agdal instead.

I don’t know what type of voodoo these kids are using, but it’s making me want to travel back in time to my high school days to try out a celebrity promposal. But who am I kidding? That wouldn’t have happened.