Emma Stone's More Interested In Playing A Supervillain Than A Hero, Because... Spandex

It's generally agreed that Emma Stone is one of the best — if not the best — things about the Amazing Spider-Man movies. It only follows, then, that there's been a lot of people throwing the idea around that Stone one day be put up for a superhero franchise all her own. Looks like Stone's not interested in the superhero spandex, though. But there is another big part she's interested in playing.

As New York Magazine film critic David Edelstein wrote in his review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , "If Stone wants to keep taking money jobs, at least she could have someone come up with a female superhero for her to play. She could charm the supervillains into submission."

Alas, part of that might not be meant to be — at least with the classic superhero costume that'd come along with the gig. “I’ve never really wanted to wear a suit,” Stone said in a recent interview with HitFix. "Spider-Man essentially has to be naked under that suit… I wouldn’t want to do that."Not all hope is lost, however: She's still got interest in playing a villain. "I think it would be kind of cool to be a villain," Stone said. "uiting up in that kind of thing [like Green Goblin's costume] would make you feel like you had entirely transformed.”

Granted, all of these are just costume stipulations: Though we wouldn't be surprised if she didn't jump right back into a franchise after the Amazing Spider-Man, we'll hold out hope that a really juicy lead role could lure her, say, the Marvel way. Not all heroes wear spandex, after all. And if she truly is committed to villainy? Well there are plenty of characters we'd love to see her play.