3 Reasons Coconuts Are The Ultimate Beauty Product

Let's get real: chances are, the moisturizer you've been firmly committed to for years is just getting your skin through the day, providing immediate relief from dry skin, but not really having any lasting effect.

Enter, my favorite miracle fruit: the coconut. According to 'The Coconut Oil Miracle' by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D, coconut oil actually restores damaged or diseased skin, including dryness caused by too much time in the sun. In addition to paraben-free, coconut oil is a major money saver compared to most lotions:

It's not just straight up creams that coconut oil can replace — check out three of my favorite DIY beauty recipes using the miracle juice. Don't worry, there's no need to scale a palm tree or even know how to crack a coconut open — you can snag pre-packaged coconut oil pretty much anywhere.


For a seriously amazing moisturizer, all you need are two ingredients: coconut oil (of course) and some Vitamin E. Mix them together in equal parts, a teaspoon of each should be enough, then rub a small dollop in the palm of your hand and smear over clean, dry skin twice a day.

Leave-In Conditioner

Coconut oil can be used for most hair types, anyone with natural curls (like me) will especially fall for this leave-in conditioner. To keep your hair silky-soft and booming with volume, try this recipe from BGLH that uses coconut oil, aloe vera, and avocado. Mix about an ounce of heated coconut oil and double the amount of freshly squeezed aloe, then add about a teaspoon of avocado (avocado, by the way, is another natural ingredient that's amazing for your skin and hair) in a small bowl. Use this recipe for detangling or as your daily leave-in conditioner, and you'll start noticing stronger strands in about a week.

Shaving Cream

In addition to all its awesome moisturizing properties, shaving cream made from coconut oil helps fight razor burn and ingrown hairs. Try mixing one part heated coconut oil, one part shea or mango butter, and a few drops of of lavender oil for a cream that smells good enough to eat. Homemade Mommy has an awesome step by step version of this recipe, too!