Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Got Married Over the Weekend — Or Did They?

When we first heard reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were getting married confidentially last week, we had to scoff. After all, confidentiality is really not either of their personal styles. Besides, the road to their huge Parisian wedding is being followed by just about everyone, with rumors flying about everything that the wedding will and won't have. When West and Kardashian tie the knot, it's going to be as spectacular and ostentatious as we would expect any Kardashian or West event to be. Then Life & Style reported that West and Kardashian had tied the knot over the weekend and called all of that into question again.

People magazine is reporting that the story is false and that West and Kardashian aren't married yet, but both stories rely on unidentified sources with no input from the Kardashian or West representatives. Kardashian is expected to attend the Met Gala on Monday, which will lay the stories to rest one way or another with the presence (or lack thereof) of a ring on her finger, but there's evidence to suggest that either one could be true.

TRUE: TMZ reported the private ceremony last Tuesday and no one denied it.

Rumors of Kardashian and West tying the knot in a confidential ceremony have been floating around since late April and they're still floating around because neither Kardashian nor West have done anything to deny or dispel the rumors. It's understandable that they would keep anything about the big wedding under wraps so as not to "spoil" any viewers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but that just means keeping this under wraps as well makes it likely to be true.

FALSE: They could've just found the idea too ridiculous to bother with.

The idea of West and Kardashian having a private wedding is hilarious — too hilarious to even bother with. Kardashian has rumors floating around her all the time, but she doesn't usually bother to respond to all of them individually unless she finds them particularly ridiculous or damaging. If this rumor is even on her radar, there's a good chance that she just finds it funny as in ha-ha rather than funny as in time-to-blog-about-it.

TRUE: Kardashian said in Vogue that she wanted an intimate ceremony.

Intimate is not a word one would ever expect to come out of Kim Kardashian's mouth, especially not in relation to something like a wedding ceremony. After all, her first marriage to Kris Humphries was broadcast to a viewership of four million people back in 2011. The number of people who are going to tune in for a Kimye wedding could probably double that, so shutting them out of this portion of the ceremony wouldn't be a smart business venture.

FALSE: Kardashian did not, however, say it wouldn't be massive.

Kardashian's idea of intimate was "two hundred [of their] closest friends", which sounds more like how that word would be defined in the Kardashian dictionary. Getting a private marriage license over the weekend wouldn't mean that she couldn't still have her massive ceremony later in May, but it's really just not her style. Both Kardashian and West like to put on a show, after all.

TRUE: It would give them two television show specials instead of one.

The only way that the rumor could be plausible would be if West and Kardashian had filmed the private ceremony for the show. To feature the proposals but not the private ceremony would just be a bad pay off for the audience. Besides, the ratings boom from having one special devoted to Kimye's private ceremony and a second special devoted to Kimye's fairytale wedding would be astronomical.

FALSE: The Kardashians broadcast every milestone online.

Even when the show isn't broadcasting, all of the Kardashians and Jenners make good use of their blogs, Twitters, and Instagrams to keep everyone in the loop of their lives. Khloe Kardashian even posted a picture of her slim waist to Instagram over the weekend, proving there's no news too small to share with millions of people. If Kardashian and West had gotten married over the weekend, it probably would have leaked online by now.

VERDICT: Wait for the source.

Until we see Kardashian's ring finger for ourselves, or wring a comment out of a Kardashian representative, then there's no way of knowing if the private ceremony happened or not. Here's hoping that it did. Not everything has to be just about showing off.