His Newfound Patience Is Impressive

Attention everyone: If you go up to Kanye West on the street and start rapping he will hear you out. But attention everyone again: Please do not go up to Kanye West on the street and start rapping because he is dealing with enough as it is. In a video taken by TMZ, Kanye West listens to a random man rap after the man approached him on the street. West and Kim Kardashian were walking back to their home in New York City's SoHo neighborhood along with Kardashian's friend/KUWTK tertiary character Jonathan Cheban when the man came up to West saying, "I've been working on my shit." The man then launched into a minute-long rap while the group walked quickly down the street in the flashing lights of paparazzi cameras.

West is very patient with the guy especially when you consider how absurdly stressful simply walking down a sidewalk and into an apartment is for these people. Kardashian, West, and Cheban keep straight faces the entire time even though there are photographers surrounding them. They don't look so much like they're used to the cameras, as they look like they're just trying to zone out and keep their eyes on the prize. The video is pretty uncomfortable to watch even knowing that Kardashian chooses to be followed around by at least one camera for her show. Just watching it is stressful. It's easy to get why celebrities freak out at paparazzi even while seeing West and Kardashian hold it together.

West says barely anything to the rapper until they reach the apartment building and Kardashian and Cheban go inside. Then West finishes listening, smiles, and tells the man, "It sounded good. I'm about to get some sleep" before heading inside. The man thanks West for listening which I imagine is all he wanted. It's not like West is going to take him in and become his mentor, so being able to leave knowing that Kanye West gave you the time of day and listened to you rap would feel really good. This guy is obviously serious about his art because he didn't even waste time ogling Kim Kardashian or asking if they're ready to ditch Cheban and add him to their group instead.

Head over to TMZ to check out West and the aspiring rapper in action.