11 Indoor Gardening Ideas for the Green(ish) Thumb

In an alternate universe, I am a wealthy widow who lives alone by the beach. I have beautiful white hair and large sunglasses. My two biggest responsibilities are taking out the trash and caring for my indoor plants. Oh, what a life!

While this life is far from my current reality, why not start working towards it now? The first step is to start collecting cool planters and terrariums, and the second step is to fill them with pretty green things and cute accessories. Let's make our dreams come true!

Image: A Beautiful Mess

hanging brass planters

I am very much on board with the gold and brass trend, especially with these heavenly planters from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

triangle terrarium

The geometric trend is infiltrating every aspect of home decor, so obviously you also need to incorporate it into your plants.

Triangle Terrarium, $39,

hanging fishbowl planters

You can live under the dome for real with these fishbowl planters from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

air plant holder

This color and shape will add some punchiness to any space.

Air Plant Holder, $23,

hanging terrarium

This tiered hanging planter is the one for you. It just is.

Magical Thinking Triple-Tiered Geo Hanging Terrarium, $59,

terrarium light bulb

All of these planters are cool, sure, but these lightbulb terrariums take the cake.

Terrarium Light Bulb, $27,

troublesome tree terrarium decor

The best thing about terrariums are the tiny treasures you can hide in them — like these spooky trees, for example.

Troublesome Tree, $11,

small garden gnome

There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned garden gnome. That beard-and-hat combo puts Santa to shame.

Garden Gnome, $16,

three tiny gnomes

Or maybe you are tiny gnome person. Try these adorable little guys.

Tiny Gnomes, $16,

mini bloody foot

How creepy are these tiny bloody feet? Perfect to hide inside your planter and confuse unsuspecting friends.

Mini Bloody Foot, $2,

tiny painters

If you are looking for a less creepy and more cute accessory for your terrarium, try these tiny painters.

Tiny Terrarium Painters, $18,