With How Much Money George Clooney Spent On An Engagement Ring, You Could Buy These 9 Things

I was admittedly a bit shocked when news broke that George Clooney had proposed to his girlfriend of five minutes Amal Alamuddin, as I'm sure was the rest of the world. But how can one stay skeptical when there's a happy couple on the way to the altar? Of course, Clooney and Alamuddin aren't just any couple, and new reports suggest that the actor spent an estimated $750,000 on the emerald cut dazzler. When you're George Clooney, $750,000 may be chump change, but as Lorde would say, that kind of luxe just ain't for us. However, the figure did start me thinking: what else would $750,000 get you?

200,000 Sprinkles Cupcakes

To be clear, I’m neither endorsing nor opposing the consumption of 200,000 cupcakes. But George Clooney’s ring could easily be swapped for a delicious, Sprinkles-induced sugar coma.

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19 Two-Carat Tiffany Engagement Rings

Many of us may not see the likes of Amal Alamuddin’s 7-carat stunner in our lifetime, as a two-carat solitaire is quite arresting in itself. But based on the Tiffany website’s pricing guide, Clooney’s extravagant choice is worth nineteen of the company’s signature Tiffany Setting rings.


614 Nights at Villa d'Este on Lake Como

You may not have a private invitation to Mr. Clooney’s Lake Como abode, but for $750,000, you could spend a year and a half living as George’s neighbor at one of the region’s finest hotels, Villa D’Este.

714 Pomeranians

According to About Doggies (yes, it’s a real website), pomeranians cost $1050 on average. So if building your own personal army of Boo dogs is on your list of life goals, $750,000 is the necessary capital needed.

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A Bachelor of English and Modern Languages from Oxford…Plus a Three Bedroom Home Rental

An education in English and Modern Languages at Amal Alamuddin’s alma mater is approximately $60,732, leaving just enough leftover to rent this beautiful three bedroom house during your four year tenure at Oxford.

283 Crimson Chloe Coats

Ms. Alamuddin favors bright pops of color in her wardrobe, and for the cost of her engagement ring, you can purchase 283 Chloe Bracelet Sleeve Overcoats to channel her vibrant style.


417 Vera Wang White Bridal Gowns

I strongly doubt that Alamuddin will be purchasing her wedding gown from David’s Bridal, but the cost of her show-stopping ring would secure her 417 of Vera Wang’s White Collection Chantilly Lace Gown.


214,428 Intensive Jin Soon Manicures

Jin Soon is a New York City institution for a reason, especially when it comes to keeping your hands engagement ring ready. With the money used to purchase that emerald-cut stunner, you could indulge in 214,428 signature Spirit of the Beehive Manicures, in which your hands are covered in three types of paraffin wax for extra hydration, the better to show off your dazzling ring.

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3750 Pairs of J Brand Jeans

It remains to be seen whether or not Alamuddin is a t-shirt and jeans girl, but if you love a good skinny pair in a dark wash, that engagement ring could keep you in J Brand’s for life.