A ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Cruise Is In The Works & It’ll Cost Ya

Great news for fans of cruises and Wes Anderson! What? Those people don't exist? Okay... Good news for lovers of oceanography and symmetry? There have to be some of you, right? Anyway, a Grand Budapest Hote l-themed cruise is in the works because apparently there are enough people out there who would be interested in this. And this isn't any old movie-themed cruise (I'm assuming there have been others), this one actually features the director and cast. Anderson will be joined by Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, and Roman Coppola who often collaborates with Anderson.

Setting sail on June 13, passengers will make a week-long journey from New York City to London aboard the Queen Mary 2. The cruise will feature a "special screening" of Grand Budapest Hotel and a Q&A with the director and cast. Other than that, no other details have been given, but one can assume the boat will be decorated with soothing, coordinated colors and the ship's employees will all have discernible quirks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cruise is something of a victory lap for Anderson. Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson's eighth feature, is his highest grossing film to date taking in $133 million since it was released in March.

Tickets for the cruise range from $1,298 to $18,948. There are not yet details available on what the wide price range means for passengers, but I would think the lowest price would get you a tent like the one in Moonrise Kingdom, while the highest means you bunk with Anderson and Schwartzman while all dressed in Chas Tenenbaum-style tracksuits. Obviously these are included in the price.

If you haven't totally given up on cruises following the events of the past year (need I remind you of this ) and think you'll be able to find a sense of whimsy even while aboard a massive ship in the middle of the deep dark ocean, then the Grand Budapest Hotel cruise might be for you. Otherwise, you're best bet is to head down to Redbox and just watch the movie from the comfort of your own home.