'Full House' Reruns Have Amazing Ratings Nearly 2 Decades Since Finale: Reboot, Anyone?

In case you were wondering if the cast of Full House still had the power to enthrall audiences almost two decades after the show's ending, the answer is yes. Full House 's reruns beat Hannibal and Blue Bloods in the ratings last Friday, according to Vulture editor Joe Adalain. It also beat everything else on cable in the demographic of women 18-34. With those kind of numbers, is there any doubt there's a Hollywood executive out there this Monday brainstorming ways to bring the show back?

It's no secret that network ratings have taken a huge hit in the age of the Internet: Almost all the ratings are smaller save The Big Bang Theory , a show that harkens back to the tradition of more '90s sitcoms in a number of ways. Still, the lower viewership across the board doesn't mean the demand's not there, especially when you factor in the ever-powerful dose of nostalgia that comes with every episode of Full House.

Chances of a Full House reboot with the full cast of the original show, all grown up? Pretty damn slim. But there are a few other options: A reunion special could be one, a la the reunions the Real Housewives do regularly — it would likely have less weave-pulling, with the possible exception of Uncle Jesse. Another possibility is some sort of Girl Meets World situation, in which you have one or two of the original cast members — Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin seem like easy targets — anchor a series whose concept revolves around the next generation of the family.

Nothing has been announced, of course: This is all hypothetical. But we live in an age where TV never really dies, so the possibilities hardly seem outlandish anymore.

Image: ABC