What Happened to Kendall Jenner's Hair?!

A funny thing happened on the way to the Met Gala… in Kendall Jenner's case, a hair catastrophe. Jenner has had quite an absurd few months in terms of her fashionable endeavors, from her couture modeling debut at Marc Jacobs to a once-in-a-lifetime walk at the Chanel supermarket. In addition, her questionable choices at Coachella landed her firmly on the fashion infamy list. The young member of the Kardashian clan posted a gorgeous Instagram selfie earlier this evening, depicting the model wearing a streamlined strapless gown and a lightly waved coif. It appeared the the world was in for a shockingly chic Kendall Jenner fashion moment. But somewhere between her hotel suite and the Met Gala red carpet, her hair went from fabulous to frightening. Though the hairstyle looked voluminous in Jenner's selfie, by her Met Ball entrance, it looked windblown and messy in the worst possible way. What possibly could have created such a disastrous change? Here are our theories.

1. Dad Bruce decided that Kendall's 'do wasn't quite right and attacked her hair with a brush as she ran out the door.

2. Kendall got into a tussle with Kim over her gown, as everyone knows Mrs. Kanye West must be the fairest of them all.

3. Anna Wintour discovered that Kendall had somehow procured an invitation to the event and ordered security to prevent her from entering.

4. As the little Kardashian clan member was exiting the limo, paparazzi clambering for a photo somehow tripped the bewildered reality star.

5. A wayward bird noticed Kendall's gravity-defying 'do and mistook it for a nest.

7. A fervent fashionista who was offended by Kendall's Coachella style flub attempted to ruffle Jenner's feathers…so to speak.

We may never know what happened to Kendall or why her hair looks so mussed, but we certainly hope she has a serious chat with her hairstylist after the Ball.

Image: kendalljenner/Instagram