Tom Hiddleston + Kids = Adorableness

In today's news that with both melt your heart and ruin your life, Tom Hiddleston has been spotted being absolutely adorable with a couple of young fans. A group of Hiddlestoners found the actor on Sunday outside the set of Crimson Peak, the new horror movie he's filming in Canada. Two of the fans had brought their young children along, and in true Hiddleston fashion he was the sweetest human ever with them.

Children are wonderful because they don't really understand how the fame thing works so they just saw Hiddleston as another adult to hang out with them, and he was more than happy to play along. One little boy was intent on acting out Spider-Man with Hiddleston, pretending to shoot him with his plastic web dispenser. Used to playing the bad guy in the Thor films, Hiddleston got right into character throwing his hands up in defeat saying, "Oh you got me!"

The second notable interaction was a little girl who decided Hiddleston was her new best friend and proceeded to run up to him and give him a huge hug. He of course hugged her right back.

These moments were thankfully captured on camera for your viewing pleasure. They just confirm that Hiddleston needs to be a father like ASAP because he'd be a great one. (I'm game for that if you want a wife first, Tom!) Watch the sweet moments in the videos below: