Even Bey's Red Carpet Flubs Are Perfect

by Christine DiStasio

Beyoncé and Jay Z were already killing it on the red carpet at the 2014 MET Gala, but there's no way Bey and Jay were going to let Gisele and Tom, the Beckhams, and god forbid Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, steal their spotlight as the world's greatest couple. So they turned Beyoncé's red carpet jewelry malfunction into a Kodak moment for the Internet — because, well, Beyoncé.

In case you missed it, Bey's ring fell off her perfect finger on the red carpet Monday night. And, instead of picking it up and putting it back on her finger quietly, the doting and apparently super-romantic HOVA picked it up and staged a proposal. Yes, Jay Z bent over, picked up the fallen jewels, and put a ring on it — so to speak. And now it's become your favorite gif from this year's MET Gala. (Well, mostly because J. Law wasn't there to photobomb T-Rex-style.)

Leave it up to Jay Z and Beyoncé to make an otherwise awkward moment into a picture-perfect romantic gesture. Take that, Kimye, thinking you'd cause a scene by being so under-the-radar. Bey and Jay rule, once again.

Here's the moment GIF-ed:

He's going in for it...

AND HE PUT A RING ON IT. Sigh, true love.

Images: brownglucose/Tumblr