Jon Hamm Knows The Ending To ‘Mad Men,’ So Start Looking Out For His Tell

For Mad Men fans, the way the show will end has been a concern since the very beginning. How could it not with a volatile lead character, a series creator who wrote and executive produced for The Sopranos, and an opening title sequence that features a man tumbling off of a building? It's no surprise that at this point Matthew Weiner and the show's writers know how things will end, but in a new interview with Vanity Fair, it was revealed that Jon Hamm knows how Mad Men will end too. Hamm is on the cover of the June issue of the magazine, but in addition to his interview, Weiner was asked for information on his star. Weiner said that Hamm "knows everything" about how the show will end. "He's the first, outside the writers' room. I try stuff out on him. When we get stuck in the writers' room, I go down there and have a conversation with him."

Now that the cat is out of the bag, there's even more reason to over-analyze the show and watch everything closely. When someone mentions death, do Don's eyes get teary? When moving to California is brought up, do the corners of his mouth tense up? When Don has scenes with Bobby, is there further evidence that this has all been happening in Bobby's imagination and that's why he ages so slowly? (That ones a long shot, but the signs could be there!) The fact that he's able to keep this to himself is impressive. He has a year until the series finale! This must be eating him alive!

Hamm's knowledge doesn't only affect fans, but his costars as well. If they know that he knows, they're probably avoiding finding anything out at all costs if they want to be surprised, or are trying to trick him into spilling the secret if they just can't take it anymore. Whenever Hamm starts a conversation, "So, I was talking to Matt..." does Elisabeth Moss flee the scene? Or does John Slattery plan Happy Hour after Happy Hour hoping he can get Hamm drunk enough to tell him what's up?

Weiner went on to say that he and Hamm don't always see eye to eye about his character. He said, "The relationship would be total bullshit if we didn't have disagreements." Hopefully Weiner and Hamm are generally in agreement about the ending and that nothing too out there is happening. (Like the it's-all-in-Bobby's-mind theory, for instance.) But if you notice Don giggling in the background of a scene where Peggy says she wants a promotion, you can go ahead and assume she'll be getting that corner office.