Is 'The Mindy Project' Renewed For Season 3? We've Got a Lot of Mindy & Danny Drama To Fix

After watching the inevitably enjoyable season finale of The Mindy Project tonight, we will all have to endure the longest summer of our lives before we get to see what happens to Mindy, Danny and the rest of Shulman & Associates. Summer hiatus. It's the cruelest evil ever created.

But at least we have the joy and relief of knowing that The Mindy Project will in fact return to our televisions and our hearts for a third season. The question is, what will happen? And when exactly will the show come back? The series' staff is taking a much-deserved break before going back to production. But May 12, entertainment reporters will pour into rooms across New York during the Upfronts to hear from different networks about their new and returning shows for the fall. So hopefully we will get some answers very soon.

Until then, however, we have a few questions, theories, and desires for next season. And I promise, not all of them are about Mindy & Danny.

Hellooooo, (New) Nurse

Zoe Jarman, aka Betsy, will not be returning as a series regular next season, leaving a seat open in Phlebotomy. Will the show fill that seat with a new nurse or will Morgan, Tamra and Beverly be enough? My preference would be to leave the seat open for a while. If it turns out the show needs some new blood, maybe the show could have new nurses rotate in every week a la Murphy Brown. But even that shouldn't last forever.

The Aftermath of Mindy And Danny's Big Finale

During Tuesday night's season finale, Mindy and Danny will be making some kind of big decision about their relationship. And this decision will require 23 outfits before it can be made, apparently. But that decision will be based off if Danny comes through on his promise to meet Mindy on the Empire State Building. All I know for sure is that even if the plan doesn't go the way fans would prefer, somehow these writers will make it hilarious.

Peter Becomes A Man... No, Not Like That

On an extremely happy note, next season might let Peter finally start the transition from man-child to grown-ass man! His date with the brain surgeon/single mother, played by The Mindy Project writer, Tracey Wigfield. Perhaps when the show returns, we'll see Peter actually enjoying a mature relationship with a woman that doesn't shriek at the sight of a simple magic trick.

Will We See Mindy and Danny's Brothers Again?

One of the best things (and sometimes worst things) about The Mindy Project are the guest stars. In the case of Mindy's brother Rishi and Danny's brother Richie— whose names, I just realized, are ridiculously similar— the casting is spot on. I love these two guys and I would love to see the two of them react to Mindy and Danny's relationship if the two officially get back together. We've already seen Richie get a glimpse into the romantic confusion inside Danny's head so maybe if the Mindy/Danny relationship progresses, we'll get to see more brotherly bonding as Richie helps his brother through the ups and downs of dating a unique woman like Mindy. And I'd love to see Rishi just make jokes or, even better, raps about Danny.

Images: Beth Dubber/FOX; Tumblr/sseuregis; Tumblr/perfumeofsighs