"YOLO" Featured On 'Jeopardy' & Now It Must Be Retired

YOLO, which needed to be retired once Drake popularized the term, made its way into the vernaculars of teens, tweens, preteens, adults, and even old folks. The term, which went from cool to perennially uncool and overused (and misused — "crashing a car 'cause YOLO!"), just hit its final uncool mark, and now it must be retired. Jeopardy used the definition of "YOLO" as an answer (question, really), and so now it's official, YOLO: you had your run, but you may quietly disappear now.

The phrase, which as the "answer" defines, means "you only live once" is really... well, open to interpretation. I liked using the phrase randomly without a trace of irony. Like, "ate a sandwich today because YOLO." Or "gonna sneeze 'cause YOLO." I also liked using the phrase to justify buckling my seat belt because SERIOUSLY, MAN, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. But whatever. I never claimed to be one of the cool kids, like the term itself.

Anyway, YOLO, I hate to say it , but you are done. Let's hang you up and retire you. This was your long overdue notice. And, as Jeopardy would say, "a term that you write on a gravestone, indicating something is dead and hopefully will lie peacefully and never return."

What is "Rest In Peace?"

This, by the way, is the evidence: