Wait, Rob Ford Was Denied Entry Into The U.S. By Customs? It Sure Looks Like It

The hits just keep coming for Toronto's sort-of mayor Rob Ford. Another video has emerged of Ford smoking a pipe, and we can all guess what's in it — which is enough for Ford to take a leave of absence to take care of his substance abuse problem (hang on, hasn't Ford been on a leave of absence all along?). Apparently, Ford tried to go to rehab in Chicago, but "voluntarily" went back to Canada... which seems to be a a nicer way of saying he wasn't allowed in by border patrol.

Let's take a closer look. Ford has admitted to smoking crack cocaine, and being a known drug abuser is grounds for inadmissibility by U.S. Customs. In January, immigration lawyer Joel Guberman told Newstalk 1010 that U.S. Customs would probably want to turn Ford away from entering the U.S. to save them a huge hassle later on. That's because if Ford were let into the U.S., every person with a drug abuse history who tries to get into the U.S. would complain that Ford is getting special treatment when they're turned away. It would simply set an bad precedent, according to Guberman.

For now, Ford is in rehab at an unknown location, taking a break from his campaign for re-election, according to his lawyer. Well, we can all conclude that it's not a rehab facility in the U.S. There must be a better candidate for Toronto mayor, right? Right?