Protect Your Hands From Cancer With These 6 Gel Mani Add Ons

So, you may remember that bit of news last week about your gel manicure being a skin cancer causer. What a bummer, right? Since then, you've probably been enduring an internal struggle between skipping gel altogether or taking the risk because, hey, it's just so shiny and pretty. Because I know how important your nails are to you, but care deeply about your health, here are 6 simple-but-effective ways to fight off those UV rays during your next salon visit.

Image: YouVeeShield

Hand Cream with SPF

Your manicurist mostly likely already massages your hands with lotion before she adds polish, so bring one that has built-in SPF and anti-aging properties to your next appointment. This particular one from Boots No7 has SPF 15 and Broad Spectrum UV Protection. It even has a lightening complex for aging dark spots.

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream, $20, A mazon

Waterproof Sunscreen

If you’re going to get a gel mani that involves a lot of hand massaging with a hot wet towel, definitely opt for a waterproof sunscreen. This super lightweight sunscreen from Neutrogena is water-resistant and absorbs quickly. Lather it on before your mani, and you’re good to go.

Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+, $10, A mazon

Disposable Anti-UV Gloves

These plastic gloves may look a little funny, but since they can block 99.9% of the UV light emitted from UV lamps, they’re worth the style faux pas. YouVeeShield was made specifically for gel manicures and is basically a soft and stretchy glove that has anti-uv properties in it to shield your hands from the UV rays.

YouVeeShield “The Stiletto” Box of 20 Shields, $2,

Machine Washable Anti-UV Gloves

These gloves essentially do the same thing as YouVeeShield, except instead of being disposable, they are machine washable — a great, not-too-expensive investment for if you’re a gel mani addict. They’re made from certified materials that block harmful UV rays and slip on easily, so as not to ruin your newly painted nails.

Anti-UV Cloth Gloves, $7, Amazon

LED Lamp

While studies have found that UV lamps may cause skin cancer, LED lamps seem to be the better alternative to curing those wet gel nails. Of all the sources of artificial light, LED lights are least likely to play a role in contributing to the risk of cancer because they only use a small amount of power. The next time you’re at your nail salon, ask your technician if there is a LED lamp you can use.

Thermal Spa One Hand LED Gel Light Nair Dryer, $90, Amazon

Mini LED Lamp

If you know your local nail salon doesn’t have a LED lamp (it’s possible, since they’re much more expensive than UV lamps and take longer to dry nails), try this portable one to get your at-home gel mani on.

MelodySusie Violetilac 2013 Newest Super Mini Cute Portable 6W LED Gel Polish Nail Dryer, $10, Amazon