3 Ways Your iPhone Can Save Your Life, Literally

It's already been established that Apple is way more than just pretty-looking computers, but it now looks like the tech giant is considering branching out into a whole new field — the medical industry. Apple is on a hiring spree, and this time, the company isn't looking for just any ol' Silicon Valley programmer. Apple is forming a team of medical technology executives, Reuters reports.

So, who are these super-secretive new hirers? Rumor has it that Apple has recruited medical experts who are well-versed in sensor technology, which means we could be seeing a whole ton of new health-related electronics in the near future. Bottom line: your iPhone/iPad/iPod may one day save your life, so you'd better purchase that two-year Apple warranty next time you're at the Genius Bar.

So, here are a few ways Apple may be upping its medical game...

1. Healthy Apps To Keep You On Track

According to the tech website MacRumors, Apple may be releasing an all-encompassing app called Healthbook in late 2014. By taking health data from your iPhone and the yet-to-come iWatch, the app will track basically every one of your vital organs to make sure they're, well, functioning. Plus, fitness fans will be able to track weight loss, calorie counts and even steps taken all on their iPhones.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

2. Wearable Sensors Help You Stay Alert

The hiring of biosensor technology experts is really what has the rumor mill going. Biosensors are devices that can detect the presence of chemicals in a living body by breaking down enzymes or antibodies. Wearable biosensors could possibly detect diseases or emergency changes to vital signs, or even track treatment.

The tech grapevine believes Apple's forthcoming iWatch may have some biosensor technology that could monitor blood sugar and blood pressure levels and hydration. Biosensors may even be able to detect early signs of a heart attack, so you'll may be thanking your iWatch one day.

3. Keep Calm And iWatch On

If you're tempted to leave your iPhone home because of the constant barrage of texts and tweets, don't — it may soon be able to help you calm down. More Apple rumors claim that the company's newest programs will help monitor your stress levels, but so far, the details are vague. Will the iWatch just beep when your stress levels shoot far too high? Will it start doing your work and answer your emails for you? Only time will tell.