The 10 Best Lip Crayons That Will Basically Change Your Life

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For every occasion, there is an appropriate lip product. For dinner dates or girls nights out, I turn to my beloved lipsticks for a pop of color. For running errands around town or a lazy day at the beach, a coat or two of my favorite balm will do the trick. But for pretty much all the other moments of my days, I opt for a lip crayon. Here's why: it's the perfect mix between a lipstick, a balm and a gloss. It goes on smooth and can soothe a dry lip, but still gives just the right amount of coverage and shine. The best part? It actually tends to last longer than all of my other lip products. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it's absolutely a beauty game changer. If you haven't hopped aboard the lip crayon train yet, it's time to get going. Here are 10 lip crayons to shop right now.

Image: Nijigasumi/Instagram

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