'On Real Housewives of New York,' Ramona Throws a Fit And Kristen Is The Target

Oh, poor Kristen Taekman. Sweet, naive, and totally unsuspecting. Like Bambi, she waddled into Real Housewives of New York on shaky new legs and didn't realize that there was a lot more for her to conquer than just the constant bombardment of cameras. As she's figured out in the last few episodes, this cast of women is where the real source of anxiety and paranoia come from. Like a pack of wolves, lurking and sniffing out the competition, the women are ravenous for someone to devour next, with the alpha Ramona at the helm.

I can't help but think that Ramona's general distaste and rejection of Kristen has to do with good ol' envy. I'm not sure if it's because Kristen is a model, or because Kristen is new to the cast and therefore getting more attention, or perhaps it's just that Ramona can't handle someone other than herself who's not afraid to speak their mind. Maybe it's a combination. Regardless of her reasons or lack thereof, nothing excused Ramona's complete overreaction to Kristen splashing her. When the pinot grigio-loving blonde chucked the glass at Kristen, she lost a lot of respect from me and her fellow cast mates. Did frizzy hair really warrant splitting Kristen's lip?!

I'm just glad that Kristen's finally found her voice and isn't afraid to speak up. So what if she may have gotten involved in an issue that didn't directly involve her? Since when do any of the housewives mind their own business, especially Ramona?! It seems that Ramona's just going to have to get used to a new and surprising alpha in town.

I can't wait to see how the rest of the feud unfolds. Could get pretty interesting.

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