Channing Tatum Playing Another Hero in New Movie, but Come On! It's Time He Plays a Villain

The Channing Tatum train is showing no signs of slowing down, and it's just been announced that the multi-talented actor will star in and produce a new true crime thriller, created by Sony. The untitled project is being written by Kristin Gore (86th Academy Awards) and co-produced by Tatum’s partner Reid Carolin (Magic Mike), as well as Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (Chicago). The film follows a family man, played by Tatum, who goes undercover in the 1970s to take down the country’s most powerful mob boss. In short, it sounds like Channing Tatum saves the day in what is hopefully American Hustle-levels of bad hair and tight pants.

All throughout Tatum’s career, the majority of his roles have been charming heroes, charming romantic leads, charming cartoon voices... you catch my drift. Tatum has taken on almost everything thrown his way except for the baddies. We’ve seen him be tough (White House Down), be a high school bully (21 Jump Street), and get involved with some shady business (Magic Mike), so we know he has it in him to play the villain, and it’s high time Tatum takes on the one thing he hasn’t conquered: playing the real, real bad guy.

Who knows, maybe this new crime thriller will throw us for a loop and the undercover hero is actually doing an inside job. We'd love to see something like that. Considering his continual growth in nearly all aspects of filmmaking and a career that challenges audience and critic expectations, it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Nice Guy Tatum transforms into Mr. Bad Guy Tatum.

Bring it on, Tatum.