Are These Working Titles for 'Almost Famous' Real or Made Up? Take Our Quiz

Hold me closer, tiny dancer! Count the headlights on the hiiiiiiigggghhhhhway. Oh, don't mind me! I'm just relishing in nostalgia for a certain movie, which, by the way: did you know there were a bunch of working titles for Almost Famous ? You know, the movie that launched a "Tiny Dancer" renaissance and unleashed an unyielding desire in women to want to be Kate Hudson? Director Cameron Crowe had a lot of ideas to potentially name this movie, and some of them were better than others — in fact, some of them might make you go whaaa? Cameron Crowe came up with that?

You'll probably get why Dreamworks went with Almost Famous instead of some of these.

But rather than just give you a list of these working titles that were released, I've instead decided to pin them up against my own "working titles." So, can you tell which of these titles are actual titles that came from the mind of Cameron Crowe, and which are just the brainchildren of me, Mallory Schlossberg, writer at

There is only one way to discover the truth, and that is by taking this quiz: Made Up Working Title Or Actual Working Title? You can now check out your prowess at deciphering Cameron Crowe's ideas versus my own.

Let's begin!


Round 1

A. Tangerine

B. Tiny Dancer


The real working title is A.) Tangerine! "Tiny Dancer" is just in your head right now. See? I'm playing mind games with ya.

Round 2

A. Rock School

B. School Of Rock


The real working title is A.) Rock School. In the School Of Rock you don't learn that everyone's on drugs, you learn that Jack Black can inspire young children.

Round 3

A. Words Or Music?

B. Words Or Music...


Sorry, guys, I'm such an a-hole sometimes. But it's the question mark! Always go with the question mark. I mean. "always go with the question mark?" The real working title is A.) Words or Music?

Round 4

A. Penny Lane

B. Stillwater


The real working title is B. While every girl pretty much wanted to be Penny Lane, weirdly enough, the movie was almost tiled after the fictional band, not Kate Hudson's seminal role.

Round 5

A. Words

B. No Words


A is the real one. Sounds so obnoxious, doesn't it? I can't believe Almost Famous was almost titled Words.

Round 6

A. Original Cover

B. Covered In Originals


And it's... A.) Original Cover. No one is covered in originals, guys, unless you like... are a hipster wearing overalls made of albums or something.

Round 7

A. Billy Crudup's Hair

B. Billy Crudup's Moustache


Oh... sorry, guys. I made both of those up.

Round 8

A. Coda

B. Bass Clef


Oh, musical terminology is tough! The real working title is Coda.

Round 9

A. Pictures & Pages

B. Drugs On Pages


A. is real. Although B. seems appropriate when considering that moment pictured above.

Round 10

A. In Thru The Outdoor

B. In Thru The Backdoor


And it's A. In Thru the Backdoor seems a little... well... not what the movie's entirely about it, right?

So, how you'd fare? You can check out an actual picture of one page of Cameron Crowe's working titles on The Uncool. And then, of course, you should probably watch this:


Image: Dreamworks