Women Answer Questions Guys Are Embarrassed To Ask

Guys have all kinds of questions about women and sex that they're too embarrassed to ask, from "does size matter?" to just about anything having to do with periods. But never fear, poor men of America looking for answers! Buzzfeed has you covered. Mostly.

In a new Buzzfeed video "Girls Answer If Size Matters," women respond to several questions posed by guys too embarrassed to ask them in person. And it seems that even though lots of guys like to pretend they know everything there is to know about women, plenty still haven't figured out even some of the basics. I, for one, would like to counter that "Why do you pee in herds?" question with "Why can't you figure out that we like to talk about you while you're not around?" Or, you know, that we've been conditioned since birth that going anywhere alone is dangerous.

The women in the video handle these and all sorts of other questions pretty well, though on some questions they have lots of different answers. (Pro tip: women aren't all alike, guys. But I'm sure you knew that already.) But for those things guys don't know, this video can probably clear a few things up, as well as shedding some light on that all important question: "Does size matter?"

Now I have a few questions for the men of the world about these:

Image: Buzzfeed