12 Thoughts Neil Patrick Harris Had During His 'Rolling Stone' Photoshoot

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This month's Rolling Stone cover boy is Neil Patrick Harris. And, like any good model hoping to gain a little buzz, he got naked and posed for Terry Richardson, resulting in the au natural photo above. Now, all "Terry Richardson is the Worst" comments aside, the whole thing is quite the departure for our beloved NPH. What with How I Met Your Mother over and done with, and a stint on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch , the star has a lot of old layers to shed, and a lot riding on the success of this transition out of that warm and cozy CBS world.

Between Broadway, CBS, and the sure-to-be-a-hit Gone Girl coming out later this year, the man has got a lot on his mind. So it got us thinking: what in the world could the multi-hyphenate, perma-presenter/all-around-entertainer be thinking during a shoot like this? So many things — natch — some of which we've imagined for you in the slides below. So take a look and get inside the mind of Doogie Howser, just like your tween self always dreamed!

Image: Rolling Stone

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