Kristin's New Son's Name Is Super Cute

This just in! Kristin Cavallari just gave birth to her second baby boy. And his name — drumroll please — is Jaxon Wyatt. Sounds like a great name from a Western, doesn't it? Jaxon Wyatt weighed in at 7 lbs and 11 oz, and Cavallari announced his arrival via her Instagram account, sharing the news with everybody who follows her. The picture, however, doesn't include by Jaxon — it's just a photo of some adorable little baby booties and a baby hat, identified with Cavallari's hospital bracelet (which features her legal last name, Cutler). You can see that photo below!

This is the Fabulist host and former Hills star's second child with her husband, Jay Cutler, who she wed back in June 2013. The two also are parents to their son Camden, who was born in March, 2013. Back when that happened, Cavallari spilled that Cutler saw the whole thing, and even held down one of her legs.

No word on just how involved he was this time yet, although she did tell Us Weekly back in April that she felt like she had "bowling ball" in her stomach while pregnant with Jaxon. (Yikes — that's heavy!)

Anyway, check out the adorable Instagram post that Cavallari used to announce her baby's birth right over here:

Aww. Congratulations to the happy parents.

Image: Instagram