Seth Rogen's Final Comments on Justin Bieber Leave Us Wanting a Lot More — VIDEO

When Seth Rogen first tweeted that he didn't like Justin Bieber, the world basically declared him our new emperor. He was so brave, so honest! "Justin Bieber is 'a piece of shit,'" we thought while assembling Seth Rogen shrines in our homes. Since then, Rogen has gone on to publicly diss, as it were, Bieber several more times, but now it seems this fabulous period of pop culture history is coming to an end. Seth Rogen was asked about Justin Bieber in an interview on the Today show and he made it very clear that it's ridiculous that he's being asked about Bieber in the first place.

Matt Lauer asked Rogen why he was so tough on Bieber and Rogen responded, "People keep asking me about him, that's why." Booya, Matt Lauer! In yo face, you question asker! Rogen went onto say, "I would never say anything about it again if no one asked me. To me the idea that, like, a grown man doesn't like Justin Bieber isn't a controversial thought... It'd be much weirder if I did like Justin Bieber."

It's true that it'd be weirder if an adult man was actively a fan of Bieber, but Rogen's past words have been much harsher than just not liking him. On a recent episode of Howard Stern's show Rogen said,

He’s a good example of someone who you meet who you think you are going to hate and then you get to hate him as much as you [thought]…You meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations of how you hope he’ll be.

He also called Bieber a "dick" and "little bit of a motherfucker." Where is that, Rogen? Where's the real talk? Now you just point out how ridiculous the ridiculous question is? Okay. Fine. I guess this is where it ends. We'll just all go forward always remembering how you perfectly expressed our opinions on Bieber and then perfectly expressed how ridiculous it is that we care.

And when we get really lonely, we'll just look at this: