Photos of Zac Efron's House Will Allow Your Stalker Imagination to Run Wild

Celebrities, they're just like us! Except they're absurdly rich and get to live in conditions most of us only have fever-dreams of after watching one too many old episodes of Gossip Girl or a Nancy Meyers movie. So is it any wonder Zac Efron's old house is downright bonkers? That's really the only thing it could be.

Efron put his house up for sale recently, and the 2,424 square foot pad just sold for $2.775 million. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, architecture courtesy of 1964, and an Efron. As the real estate site Redfin notes, "the home embodies the ideal California lifestyle." In other words: Super wealthy attractive people live and/or lived here.

This place also sounds like a nightmare to heat:

Whole walls of glass open in every room for seamless indoor/outdoor flow and beautiful natural light. Situated up a gated drive on a flat lush lot, this home features heated concrete floors, unique infinity pool with an ozone system and an open kitchen with Wolf range & sub-zero.

But I suppose that's what California's for.

If ever in the past six-ish years you've wondered what Efron's rollicking Cali lifestyle looked like, now you've got a slice of your answer. So let's take a tour, shall we?

Let me just put my super-official real estate agent blazer on.

This is (approximately) where Zac Efron pooped

This is where he brushed his teeth while contemplating another High School Musical sequel

This is where he hosted parties with Dave Franco and Michael B. Jordan

This is probably where he curled up to re-read the seventh Harry Potter book

I'm sure some things went down here but let's not get into that

This is where likely where Efron contemplated his mortality and his existential place in the universe

And this is totally where he made late-night quesadillas

God, wouldn't being rich be super fun?

Images: Redfin