19 Things You'll Find in Any Lana Del Rey Music Video, From "West Coast" to "Blue Jeans"

Lana Del Rey has carved out her own niche in the music industry. From appearing on big name soundtracks like The Great Gatsby and Maleficent, to her unforgettable SNL performance, Lana Del Rey has her brand solidified: Hollywood excess, vintage everything, and those that big hair and even bigger lips. So with the release of Lana Del Rey's latest offering, "West Coast," she employs a plethora of tropes we couldn't help but notice seemed awfully familiar.

The video begins in black and white, on — you guessed it — the West Coast. Vintage-inspired shots of the ocean, seagulls, a low-flying helicopter and palm tree laden streets start us off in typical Lana fashion. The video ends with Lana in a car with a much older man, mixed with shots of her slo-motion swaying with some CGI'ed fire in the mix. Oh Lana, we love you and your predictable ways. To celebrate everything that defines the singer, here are 19 things you can almost always find in a Lana Del Rey music video.

1. A Leather Jacket

2. Bradley Soileau, or at least Some Dude with Long Hair and Tattoos

Seriously, this dude is in like every single one of her videos.

3. Cigarettes

4. Vintage Camera Lenses that look like Instagram Filters

5. Palm Trees

6. Some homage to 'Merica

7. Vintage Cars

8. Flowers as Yonic Symbols

9. Lana Crooning with Her Eyes Closed

10. Lana So-mo Swaying

11. Old Dudes

12. Water

13. Fire

14. Exotic Animals

15. Big Hair

16. Pouting

17. Motorcycles

18. Slightly Un-PC Headwear

19. Guns

Never change, Lana.

Images: Tumblr [33]