'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Gets a Video Game, Sort of: See the Incredible Recreations

Video games based on television shows are a difficult thing. They're typically unimpressive at best, and even when they're good they can never quite reach the level of canon video games like Zelda or Call of Duty. But nostalgia is in, and new art promises a hypothetical video game from our favorite days of yore: the '90s. UK writer and illustrator Andrew Scaife has recreated a series of scenes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the style of a LucasArts adventure game.

Scaife portrayed an episode from each season: "Welcome to the Hellmouth," "Inca Mummy Girl," "Homecoming," "Hush," "Triangle," "Grave," "Touched." The scenes are given the pixelated, early video game look of classic LucasArts games like The Secret of Monkey Island. It's great seeing classic Buffy scenes like Dingoes Ate My Baby playing The Bronze and evil magic Willow. But what's even more impressive is the attention to detail with the items. Sure, there's stakes and lipstick, but there's also the whiteboard that says "Hi Giles" in "Hush," a spatula in "Homecoming," and even Mr. Gordo manages to make an appearance. Scaife points out that not only is it an interesting way to look at the show, adventure games are an interesting way to explore the idea of narrative in general.

But more importantly, someone needs to make this game. It's clear we're probably not getting any more Buffy on the big or small screen anytime soon. So how else is an addict supposed to get their fix? The fanbases for both Buffy and old LucasArts video games are also incredibly devoted. Not only is this something that could be enormously popular, it's also something that could very easily be made by a fan. After all, there's certainly a devoted fan out there who's channeling Season One Willow computer geek realness and could make this art a reality. The story is there, the idea is there, the art is there, the need for this game in the universe is real. So...who's up for the challenge?

Images: Tumblr/andrewscaife