Oprah Had To Audition For 'Oprah' Like A Mere Mortal, & We Have Footage To Prove It — VIDEO

Audition tapes can be a very special thing. Depending on their age and the eventual fame of their star they can feel like a good superhero origin story. This especially true when it's Oprah Winfrey auditioning for Oprah . It's like a special look at the mere mortal from whom sprung the mighty beacon of wisdom, light, and lists of favorite things that is the Winfrey we all know and love.

This is one audition tape that hasn't sprung from some secret cavern in the offices of an anonymous casting director: Winfrey sprung this one herself because she's Oprah Winfrey and no one controls her destiny but her. She played the clip on an episode of her famous talk show years ago, and which has been regurgitated unto us this week from the depths of the Interwebs.

What you will notice in the clip — which has a nice contrast of Winfrey inter-Oprah and Winfrey pre-Oprah — is that Winfrey was once but a mortal like the rest of us (ALLEGEDLY), and just as much a victim of '80s and early-'90s fashion as everyone else. She's also always felt the need to explain her name, apparently. But don't worry, young Oprah: One day Tina Fey will write an episode where she hallucinates you giving her advice on an airplane, and that won't even be the most interesting thing you do that year.

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