Jennifer Lopez's Rumored Breakup With Casper Smart May Have Just Been Confirmed On 'Idol'

Wednesday night, the drama on American Idol should have been all about which of the Top 4 contestants will go home, but thanks to a sneaky move by Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez and her rumored breakup with Casper Smart took the stage.

When Seacrest took to the judges' table to explain the theme of the night — the ridiculous nebulous "Love" — he stopped behind Lopez' chair when he explained that there would be songs about breakups. He seemed to look down at Lopez with a bit of pity — rude, dude. And Lopez, who clearly didn't expect her coworker and pal to play into the tabloid rumors, jumped when she realized Seacrest had directed that comment her way. It certainly looked like a confirmation of the rumors that first cropped up in February when OK! published the claim, but did Seacrest really spill the beans about Lopez' allegedly troubled relationship?

Sure, it's completely possible that Seacrest thought it would be funny or cute to offer his pal a little comfort because he knows that she's down, but more likely than not, this oddly-timed move wasn't a confirmation. Lopez could have simply been irked by the mention of breakups — after all, it's got to be tough to have rumors of your relationship running rampant on the internet and the mention of a recent one would make any sane person jump. Plus, Seacrest could have just been playing the part and camping it up for the Idol cameras, not intending to rustle any feathers or stoke any rumors.

It's unlikely Seacrest would willingly out his friend, so we're calling this one a coincidence. Besides, when the breakup rumors first hit the internet, Lopez' rep told Gossip Cop that the breakup headlines were completely untrue.

So there you have it, folks. It was certainly a textbook awkward moment on Idol, but nothing to get riled up about.

Image: Fox