Sofia Coppola's 'Little Mermaid' Remake Gets a Hilariously Hipster Parody — VIDEO

The endlessly clever folks at Funny or Die have just created a parody of the forthcoming Coppola remake of The Little M erma id that is completely spot-on. The clip is full of moodiness, eye-rolls, eating ice cream in bed, Japanese karaoke, and a soundtrack that boasts EVERYTHING Pitchfork readers could dream. Phoenix, Air, The Strokes, New York Dolls, New Order, Sleigh Bells... you name it, Funny or Die has thought of it. Not only did they capture Ariel's angst, they did it with Coppola's signature made-for-complete-Sundance-domination style.

And come to think of it, The Little Mermaid is already perfect for Coppola fans. There’s a lot of evidence to prove that The Little Mermaid is by far Disney’s most indie cartoon. For starters, it is at its core a film about a literal fish out of water. The romantic lead has a dog and works by the sea (mariners are SO trendy) and lest we forget, our girl Ariel furnishes her personal space with antiques and found-objects only. “Kiss De Girl” is to The Little Mermaid as “New Slang” by the Shins is to Garden State. I’m fairly certain there’s a band out there called “Dinglehopper” and don’t even get me started on octopus motifs found all over Anthropologie homewares.

And this Funny or Die sketch is everything you would expect of a Sofia Coppola joint, and then some.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

Image: Funny or Die