8 Other Things You Can Do With These

When I said that a lip crayon could be life-changing, I meant it. And I didn't just mean that it could elevate your beauty game; I also meant that it is a powerful tool you could use in countless other ways. If you're not convinced that you need some lip crayons in your life, allow me to give you eight more uses for these chubby sticks that will have you running to your nearest drugstore.

Use It As a Sheer, Creamy Blush

Lip crayons are far less thick than your average lipstick, making them a great alternative if you forget to pack your blush. The creaminess of a lip crayon makes it the perfect consistency to swipe on your cheeks to get that rosy highlight. Makeup artist Hannah Murray told The Daily Makeover that she likes to use lip crayons as a blush to make her models' lips and cheeks coordinate. "I put it on the back of my hand and then with my finger, just rub it [on the cheeks]." Love a good double-duty beauty product!

Turn It Into a Tinted Lip Balm

Although a lip crayon is already lighter than a lipstick and hydrates just as much as a lip balm would, you might be looking for a less pigmented balm for your day to day. Instead of buying a tinted balm, you could make your own with your favorite lip crayon shades. With some vaseline, a spoon, a clean pot and some fire, you can easily transform your lip crayon into a super sheer tinted balm. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial from Make Up Savvy.

Write Notes or Reminders on Your Mirror

Admit it — you're a little forgetful in the morning. You've left for work without your gym bag, your lunch and your laptop more times than you can count. You didn't call one of your friends on her birthday and you forgot to pay the water bill. What's a girl got to do remember a few things around here? Write it on your mirror with your lip crayon! Make a to-do list or a list of reminders on your mirror with your lip crayons. I bet you'll forget a lot less when it's looking at you straight in the face! The reminders could also be how awesome you are. See below.

Create Some Wall Art

Time to pucker up, ladies! If you're looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up your decor, look no further than your lip crayons. All you need is a piece of paper, a cute frame and those luscious lips of yours. It'll look great hanging in your bathroom or hung over your vanity. They also make for fantastic gifts.

Write Anonymous Love Notes

Instead of filing a missed connection on Craigslist, may I suggest being slightly more romantic and writing that hot stranger you were making eyes at on the subway an anonymous note using your lip crayon. If you're already spoken for, slip a sweet surprise for your mate to find in their laptop or work bag. All of the above will result in guaranteed smiles!

Use it As a Wall Marker

If you just moved into a new place or are doing repairs or updates in your current apartment, use your lip crayon to help you mark spots on the wall or wood.

Make a Group Gift for a Girlfriend

Create a thoughtful and heartfelt gift by getting all of your girlfriends to mark their kisses with different colored lip crayons on the mat of a frame. Don't forget to have everyone sign by their respective kisses.

Give Your Dog a Makeover

Because...why not?

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