Paula Patton Still Loves Robin Thicke but That Doesn't Mean They'll Reconcile

Just when it seems like there's no turning back for Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, we receive just a slither of hope that perhaps they haven't quite come to the end of the road in their marriage. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Patton revealed she still has a "deep love" for Thicke. Still no definitive word on the couple's marital status, but perhaps Patton's high road, non-Bitter Betty response in the face of infidelity allegations indicates a possible reconciliation on the horizon.

Let's face it — no matter the span of a relationship, if any of the rumors we've heard about Thicke have even an ounce of truth, publicly dissing him or breaking out his car windows with a golf club might seem like more tempting options. Still, Patton takes the mature post-split approach, opting for peaceful quality time with Thicke and the couple's son, instead of hurling insults and raising hell in the media.

Perhaps I hold out hope for their relationship because before everything came to a head, we all knew them as a couple whose public displays of affection always seemed completely genuine. The attraction they had for one another was undeniable, and Patton was never shy about her appreciation for her husband's physique. Plus, there's the fact that they became a couple in their teens, and they experienced the rise to fame together, which has included some pretty monumental moments. In 2005, while Patton starred in her first film Hitch, Thicke entered the music scene on a high note with the release of his first album.

Recently, Thicke claimed he and his wife are much happier since they separated. Though the relationship wasn't built overnight, some would argue Thicke's actions helped destroy it in an instant. Regardless of the outcome, it's completely understandable if it takes Patton a while to decide what her next move will be.