'Reign': 5 Biggest WTF Moments of the Season

Thursday night's episode of Reign, "Love Live The King," was full of Big Plot Moments and political intrigue. Mary and Catherine teamed up to assassinate the King of France. Francis confronted Mary about the kind of person (and ruler) she's becoming. And Henry makes a pretty big, crazy declaration.

But that's not even a blip on the crazy scale for Henry, who has spent the last half of this season actually descending into madness. ANd believe t or not, even with all of that action and drama and crazy, the biggest "WHOA – what just happened?" moment of the night came courtesy of Lola, for creatively (albeit accidentally) killing a guy.

In honor of Lola's beating out Henry for the biggest WTF moment of the night, I bring you, the five most head-scratching, batshit crazy moments of Reign so far.

5. Aylee's "surprise" death.

Early this season, Reign made much ado about teasing the death of a major character. Technically it was a surprise, but more because the character who died wasn't very important than because they were someone you couldn't imagine losing. That character turned out to be sweet Aylee, Mary's most adorable and naive lady-in-waiting who accidentally drank poison that was intended for someone else. It was probably the least meaningful death for the plot or for the audience, unless they had killed Greer, who at that point had no Leith and therefore no purpose on the show.

4. Lola accidentally impales a guy.

The bane of my existence right now is that a GIF does not yet exist to illustrate this moment (get with it, Tumblr). For a little backstory: Lola learns that her husband's secret isn't just that he's not really wealthy anymore, it's that he never was wealthy… and he's not who he says he is. He was merely a servant of Lord Julian's. When the real Lord Julian died, he assumed his identity and has been running around desperate for money and a good place to hide ever since.

Lola actually forgives this, but Julian's uncle does not. He catches up to Not Julian, an altercation ensues and then a very pregnant (shouldn't she have HAD the baby by now), Lola pushes him off her husband and backwards into a well-placed spike in the wall, impaling him from behind. W. T. F.

3. The Darkness.

I'm still not sure I even understand this subplot, and it's rearing its ugly head again. What is it? Is it a monster? Is it magic? The pagan storyline is my least favorite. Since I can't find a single Reign GIF to sum up the crazy here, I'll just let The Dude comment on the matter:

2. Any moment of any episode with Clarissa.

Clarissa started as a ghost living in the walls of the castle. Not actually, but that's how she was explained to Mary and to us. She saved Mary, which was cool and made her seem like a pretty chill, friendly, Casper-like poltergeist. Then, we found out she wasn't a ghost at all, but a disfigured little girl running around in the castle walls and popping out when she saw fit. THEN we learned that she was actually Catherine's love child from an affair before Francis was born. Oh and then Mary got Clarissa a mask that made her creepiness approximately a thousand times worse and she became the star of all of your nightmares. Finally, she was killed in the woods with a rock to the head, but not really since the body was gone with just a bloody trail left behind? Is Clarissa going to come back? What in the actual eff was going on there? Was there a plan? Did the writers use a Magic 8 Ball to move her plot along?

Here, have a nightmare:

1. Henry kills a woman by banging her out of an open window.

This marked the beginning of Henry's trip to Crazytown, but it was just so delightfully, weirdly bizarre that it still tops the list. Whilst having a tryst by an open window, Henry literally thrusts his ladylove to her death. Luckily, there is a GIF. Enjoy the crazy.

Images: The CW