'Rosemary's Baby's Patrick J. Adams Is From Another One Of Your Favorite Shows

I'm not always the biggest fan of movie to TV adaptations— Friday Night Lights being the biggest exception— but hot damn, NBC's new version of Rosemary's Baby looks pretty great and sufficiently terrifying. One of the best parts of this new series has to be the casting with Zoe Saldana taking over Mia Farrow's title character and Harry Potter star/perennial badass Jason Isaacs rounding out the cast. And taking on the role of Zoe's husband Guy Woodhouse who, in the original film ultimately betrays his wife, is Suits star Patrick J. Adams.

Other than being very talented at looking adorable, Adams is also very talented as a television actor, appearing in many great shows in guest and recurring roles. In fact, some of his best work comes from TV shows where he only appears in one episode. He is able to make that great of an impression on audiences and critics alike. Adams is quite adept at playing characters that are good people but when thrown into difficult situations, they don't really make the best decisions. Sound familiar to a certain husband character in Rosemary's Baby? Yup, I have no doubt that he will be great in this remake.

Jack And Bobby

In this one-episode arc on the short-lived but critically-acclaimed WB series, Adams played a character named Matt Kramer. He was originally a very good friend to Jack McAllister but they lost touch after Matt revealed he was in love with Jack who was unable to handle the admission in the most comforting way. Matt is only shown through flashbacks as his classmates mourn him, but the moments are unforgettable.

Friday Night Lights

Another quick arc on another wonderful show. Adams plays Conor Hayes, a businessman who strikes up one of the best flirtatious conversations I've ever seen with Tyra Collette while she waitresses at the local Dillon Applebee's. The talks turn into a date and sexual encounter and Tyra believes the two can start a long-term friendship, but Hayes has other ideas which involve leaving and never coming back. He's not an upstanding character, but Adams' performance makes the ultimate blow-off sting.


And finally we come to Adams' most recognizable role to date. The actor plays Mike Ross, a highly intelligent slacker who, after getting in over his head with a weed deal gone wrong, accidentally stumbles into a law firm interview and gets hired even though the position is only for Harvard graduates. Adams plays the role with an ease and his bromance with Gabriel Macht's Harvey Spector is the best. Adams was even nominated for a SAG award during Suits' first season. It's no wonder why the shows continues to get renewed season after season.

Images: NBC; Tumblr/your-reaction-gifs