Get 15,000 Retweets, Get To Skip Your Finals? Yup, A Bunch Of U.S. Schools Are Into That

Social media can be used for a whole lot of good: bringing awareness to international issues; raising money to help people get back on their feet; helping law enforcement nab suspected criminals. But hundreds of high schoolers are using the Twitterverse for what they consider an even better cause — students can skip finals if they get thousands of retweets. One senior at Round Rock High School in Texas needs 15,000 retweets to get his art teacher to cancel their final exam, and it he's not the only one with the plan.

And now, obviously, teens across America are taking to social media in an effort to get their tests called off, posting agreements with their teachers online that include photo proof. A little bit brilliant? Sure. One can never underestimate the power held by 140 characters. Still, what kind of teachers are agreeing to this and what kind of classes can you just breeze through without taking a final? Is nothing sacred? More importantly, why wasn't this around when I was in high school?

Andrew Muennink told ABC News he first offered art teacher Cindy House 5,000 retweets in exchange for the cancellation, but upped the ante to 15,000. He has until noon on May 23.

These opportunistic teens seem to be taking advantage of really, really, nice teachers, because Twitter is filled with students who either don't want to open a book or are just overly eager to get out of high school. The offers range from 10,000 retweets to 250,000, with captions saying test-taking will result in failure or the inability to graduate. Ever heard of studying?

C'mon guys, it's only an exam. (Cue bitter "when I was your age" nostalgia...)

Image: _catalina98_/Twitter